17 Junio, 2024


Since 2012 Asonedh Works With the support of the ERASMUS+ project of the European Union. Every year, international mobilities, educational seminars and exchanges of experience are generated for young Afro-Peruvians and Afro-Peruvian communities throughout the country.

International alliances have been generated around the World, projects that impact on the identity and civic development of young people of Afrodescent. We have collaborated With our civic and urban practices to different organizations at the international level.

These projects have made it possible to contribute to Afro-Peruvian communities, strengthen community capacities, impact the development of economic activities, strengthen the skills of Afro- Peruvian Women and youth, and impact perceptions and aspirations for life.

Erasmus + has strengthened the leadership and social commitment skills of AfroPeruvian youth.

Jorge Ramirez Reyna

President ASONEDH

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