17 Junio, 2024




Operation Blue look to build/increase the capacity of NGOs, Institution and stakeholders to take action regarding reducing plastic waste in the partner countries by encouraging local communities to recycle and reuse. Also we want to increase awareness of the critical environmental issues caused by plastic; micro plastics (as they end up in our seas and oceans and effectively ending up in our food chain). We work with the community for become inspired and become more involved with nature and the environment.

They will also become ambassadors for inspiring, sharing and disseminating. They will awaken other young people and their communities to help build better life for themselves and wildlife, and future generations. These people will also develop new ideas to protect our seas and help find more sustainable solutions.


24 months


  • Asociación Negra de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos ASONEDH, Perú
  • Youth Innovation, United Kingdom
  • Worldview Impact Foundation, United Kingdom
  • ACD La Hoya, Spain
  • ARTIS, Turkey
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